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We have gaijin in japan and gaijin hunter why not this?? Is it that even her followers think she's straight trash and chose not to support her by buying it? Hence her instagram slogan "My Lifestyle!!! We're here because they want us to listen to them. Big brother nude forum. But the fact that she is obsessed with trauma, really irks me.

Instagram 37 of 45 When the UFC fighter showed up, Matthew was gone. It gives me great pleasure knowing that they're going to die lonely, friendless, hopeless, and alone and to remind them every chance I get that nobody will ever like them and they should just end it for being a mentally ill faggot.

I clean up kinda nice. Jeff Seid used to be so milky, too bad he grew up. Lauren pisciotta naked. Instagram 17 of 45 Because, not creating a thread just to not give her attention, whilst avidly discussing her shit in here is stupid IMO. She claims to be a medusa gorgon divine piscean sybil witch lesbian but is actually obsessed with men. I remember watching them as a teen and finding out that Nate was dating Leda Monster bunny I think??

She doesn't even look human. Admin refusing to comment? Nobody is going to pay to see a slightly older version of those lopsided floppers again, no wai Raven.

Glad I'm not the only one who's wondering what the hell is up with her. Most sexy girl video. Now, the stuff about drama and comments disappearing… that's interesting, I'd def be interested in reading it. I think she's got milk. Because of cosplay porn? I might make one but I need help getting caps of her spergouts on facebook. Instagram 43 of 45 And now notch got somewhat red pilled. She has a decent following and a Patreon but not sure if there's a lot of milk since I stopped following her.

She's a real piece of shit. I feel like she always has something new drama wise but not experienced enough to make a thread. Would appreciate it, or I can make a basic one. I've followed latsbrah since the misc days and all I can say, is that you can't troll a guy who doesn't take himself seriously. There was a Null thread at some point but it got moved to manure, since Josh began attention whoring in his thread and being all "look at me guys, I'm Josh. I wonder what that was about.

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He recently appeared on Dr. Instagram 28 of 45 I wanna see him discussed so bad. Granny tits anal. I don't have his dox, but I'm sure somebody does and someone could make a thread on him and considering that he's been pissing everyone off for a while, I'm sure that there will be an overwhelming consensus for a thread to be made on him for being a mentally ill faggot and a total waste of space.

He's a rich kid youtuber living in New York. Or the child porn blocker? If you have someone, link them and their revelant platforms and I'll see what I can find.

Ugh There was a post on Cassidy's blog which has since been deleted unfortunately. I know some people in one of the Himeka threads brought it up before. If he was really mentally ill then he would've taken our advice instead and taken his mental health seriously instead of ignoring it and constantly slapping all of us in the face.

I know he is creepy and whiny, but I am not up to date on the details enough to put one together. Instagram 1 of 45 1.

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When the 14 year old responded to her rudeness called her an "ugly-ass-bitch"- as a 14 year old does she started to fight with her and sent her 18 year old best friend and her own minions to swarm the 14 year old's stream. Really, no reason to make a thread about one in a million. Lauren pisciotta naked. Naked women basketball. I'd love to get some more milk from them. I have a soft spot for Chloe because she was the first cow I folllowed on the internet. I would be super on board for that. Is it that even her followers think she's straight trash and chose not to support her by buying it?

We're here because they want us to listen to them. JPG Anyone interested in a thread for Mintyfrills? I'd definitely be interested in a new thread for her. She must have seen the dumb bitches from Momo's thread and thought she could make 10k a month? Like bitch why are you even spending money to go to a con and can't afford food after the matter? I feel fucking sick. You are right that she is coming back, I hope the anon who sets up the threads comes and sees because she did post on fb, started up her Patreon again and will post more soon!

She announced in a video that her and Luis got a divorce in January, not sure if that's enough milk. He posts on Instagram at an unbelievably manic pace. This dumb bitch really thought she could open up a patreon? What do farmhands think?

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