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Logan 's assault came at a time when.

People behind us were pushing and trying to grab her, someone might have touched her. Thunder thigh milf. Is this the freedom the Egyptian people wanted? But for you, Frisky readers, I will try to understand. But the sexual nature of her attack left a psychological scar that many victims struggle to talk about. Lara logan naked pictures. And here she is exaggerating the assault with her own mouth. I can't imagine having endured what Ms Logan has, then having people insist I was a victim of possibly the only violation I was not subjected to that night in Tahrir square.

As a feminist, I think CBS ought to fire her for this stunt. I wish I could have said "men" instead of people, but I couldn't--because I imagine there are a lot of unhappy women emotionally piling on same as the men. Logan had been detained at gunpoint by pro-Mubarak thugs one week earlier, blindfolded and interrogated through the night while one of her crew members was beaten.

Logan said she's proud to have broken the silence on what some female journalists have experienced but never talk about. The reason my other post is so mean is because I see this blog as hindering that goal.

The more often these stories are told - in all their nuances - the better for us all. Girl rubbed to orgasm. Grecko's sources did NOT say this. And CBS stated, "sexual assault. I was wearning a tiny sundress because it is 95 degrees outside. They sexually assaulted her because they were trying to hurt her. They had threatened her and deported her the week before. Cell phone camera flashes went off as the frenzied crowd took photos of her naked body.

You remember she was about two meters away from us when we were buying tea! As Muslims, they automatically recoiled at touching a strange woman. Given what can happen in quiet times, not at all likely. Ironically, at around the same time, the Grain Exchange promoted the term "Canola" in preference to "Rape" or "Rapeseed.

Yet there isn't, and there are credible withesses against her account. They simply conceded none of them saw her for the entire minutes. It received a hurricane of comments, from furious to supportive. Leave me out of your crap Sheila Tone. Sheridan love nude pics. The Washington Post newsroom was not involved in the creation of this content. Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content.

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The more often these stories are told - in all their nuances - the better for us all.

I'm thinking you'd call it rape, too. Cute nude women videos. That's a rhetorical question, of course, and we all know the answer.

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And the media paints these people as "freedom-yearning people. They're inside you everywhere. Reportedly some of physical and sexual assault activity was caught on camera phones as well. Lara logan naked pictures. After reading all yes really! The victim has cooperated with an investigation started by the Egyptian authorities.

Sluts be showing their titties! The piece was clearly written to piss people off and get enraged readers to send it to their friends, who will go give the site more clicks. If you are going to post a hateful, vulgar remark, at least have the courage to sign your name behind your words. I believe we all have the same goal - to find out the truth regarding this story, in order to kill the story and stop it from hurting people. I watched this entire insanity play out on Temoris's blog and you are taking his blog out of context by not printing the previous post about journalists being attacked in Tahrir, where he defends Logan.

It certainly would be nice if reporters had probed Logan's story critically before repeating it, but there was no way to do so. Arab nude women photos. She was surrounded by a distinctly ominous group of menacing men who were making their way through the s of 1,s of peaceful anti-Mubarak protestors and severely beaten and sexually assaulted. I think Lara Logan was targeted. Posted by Elizabeth Kaeton at 5: He told them to move away.

Every lie expunged is a poison you can pee out. I can't believe I was happy to see them achieve their goal. Now she will have a lifetime of hearing Sicko Righties whispering behind her back. If you look at why there are no images during this attack from the square at all for up to 3 hours during said attack and this being the biggest party of the week in the world with all the cell phones and such you must question why? A group of female protesters ultimately closed ranks around Logan, holding back the mob until soldiers could carry her to safety.

However, I also fear for her because what she did with such apparent ease may never be easy for her again. Anybody's scripture can be used to support the supremacy of male domination. That is also false. Free hairy lesbian pussy. But in Lara Logan's case, there was a crowd of eyewitnesses, and she even claims cell phone photos were taken. I long for the day Lara will be able to tell her story - along with the stories of the women and soldiers who helped her - not only to prosecute her attackers but also to bring a modicum of reality to the elation.

Given how Middle Eastern males are reported to treat women in crowds, it's certainly possible she was grabbed in some personal areas as she was shoved along. Sometimes tearfully, Logan revealed horrifying new details of her gang rape on Feb.

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