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But if you're going to make a case that the man is heterosexual, then, perhaps, you might want to use more compelling reasoning.

Well, you can't fondle, rim, or fuck a soul He also showed his cock in "Mrs. Mormon lesbian sex. Hi r13, You mentioned a crazed fan trying to get to Gerry by sending him lots of things and avidly promoting a film project.

Chances are he'll never fuck any of his fangurls or any of the people speculating about him on this thread. There is a new thread started by someone who has asked the fangirls why they get so upset at the mention of Gerard being gay: I'd ask you to tell me in detail your hottest fantasy about Gerry while I pressed your face down and take your wet cunt from behind.

I saw Phantom of the OPera for the first time last night, and was wondering why the hell he was cast. Actually, it was their big "convention" in Vegas. Dean butler naked. Let's just say I met Gerry through that Beowulf fisasco and he was nearly having s fucking pathetic breakdown. Maybe a mid-life crisis? It's similar to not event toast. He is aging very badly. Poor stupid guy should have never made contact with them.

Sorry, but a man who shows respect for his partner, doesn't cheat, honors a commitment, stays with a loved one through tough times as well as good, is my kind of man. Big black tits with cum. My story is about Gerard Butler's fans not the man himself. But, since you started it He smokes like a freight train. He's bascially says "yeah, sorta" then "no. I have not had a crush on a movie celebrity in years, and I know that all of us who love Gerry hope with all our hearts that he is straight. Has he commented on his uncut cock yet?

One fan declared that "no man has a right to touch His body. This is the documentary about the filming of Beowulf and Grendel, a movie Butler was in that didn't do all that well, but he was hot!! So my opinion is probably moot Yet he's the one out there making movies and becoming a star, while you all sit home alone and trash him on the internet.

They got shut down for copyright violations, of course. It seems like no one really knows and provides own opinion, which may or may not true.

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Vromen is the guy who directed the "camel shagging" film. Forced cum in her pussy. According to my sister who is here for the holidaysa bunch of very horny bored older women took over one "phan" site. Mainly because Toothy Tile has made better movies and makes more money than Butler. Or in your case I should probably call them bitch-tits.

Sweaty boxer shorts aren't my thing. Is he still fucking Marcus Schenkenberg? Bloviatorgirl has taken over. It looks like a fiver to me.

There is a new thread started by someone who has asked the fangirls why they get so upset at the mention of Gerard being gay: Is that happening any time soon? All I know is that in the Canadian version there was a black box that covered the juicy parts.

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They auctioned off the glass he drank from. Sorry about the double post. Except trained monkeys have more talent.

It turned out to be a long night with many stops along the way; it got a little crazy for all of us. Dean butler naked. Shemale big tits solo. But if you're going to make a case that the man is heterosexual, then, perhaps, you might want to use more compelling reasoning. Had bathroom sex with him once. I heard he was heavy into cruising while he lived in Hampstead and supposedly, his behavior hasn't much changed since he came to the U. What's the leather pants story?

As one poster on a site put it, "He's too much of a man to be a queer. So your assertion is completely off. An intelligent person does not need to use name-calling and insults to make a point. It wouldn't be difficult for the person above to know that Butler is uncut - most Scottish guys are.

There's no reason to hide a kid. Top rated nude pics. This is downright comical! The issue is some people get pissed off if we dare suggest Gerard Butler might be into guys. He made his problems with that site and the hausfrau fans. I donx92t need to try harder; it is what it is, believe me. As long as he's getting laid, he couldn't give a flying fig whether two obscure communities datalounge, imdb think of who he's putting in his bed

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Rather than trying to turn the situation around on whomever presents the cold, hard truth, why not take an honest look at the issue and then come back and tell us what you see. Of course, we can't discount how much the lonely, middle-aged, deluded fraus have done for his career. Milf latina porno. He said it was pretty disturbing seeing how hot and bothered and rowdy they got watch him fuck a camel on a big screen. Dean butler naked. Perhaps there's a travel pamphlet they put out about this. Sweaty boxer shorts aren't my thing.

This is some sick shit. Can you hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth? R, do you like your pussy eaten and your clit sucked between a pair of hot luscious lips nice n' nasty? I don't think anyone, short of an unborn fetus, would have to speculate at this point.

He pulled out of a film conference type event due to a "scheduling conflict. Sissy girl names Specific details aren't going to be shared though. R, how is he leading them on other than pretending to be completely heterosexual?

I'm sure it's something he really enjoys doing.

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